Functional movement training therapy

A completely new approach to resolve the problem optimized as a result of 20 years of experience in high performance sport and accelerates the healing process after injury and damage.
Our training method not only eliminates the problem areas, but also provides a better body function and exercise capacity ago as before the injury.

We help with all the problems of the active and passive locomotors system.
• up to full healing
• up to full load capacity
• to complete motor functionality

Excerpts from the entire range leg area
All injuries or damage to the ankle and knee joint as

injury to the capsule-ligament apparatus (e.g. meniscus or the cruciate ligament injury)
• Achilles Tendon Rupture
• Achilles Tendonitis
• supination
• patellar tendons complaints
• Runner's Knee - Iliotibial band (Iliotibial tract-syndrome)
• muscle strains and muscle tears


Trunk area
All injuries or damage to the trunk as
• Back pain
• Disorders in the spine and intervertebral disc area
• cervical syndrome



Pelvic hip area
any injuries or damage to the pelvic hip region as

• pelvic obliquity
• Bars problem
• inflammation of the adductor and neck area of the abdominal muscles
• (widely used in football - pubic bone inflammation)
• sacroiliac joint problem


Shoulder and arm area
All injuries or damage to the shoulder girdle and arms as

• shoulder dislocations
• Rotator cuff problems
• tennis elbow
• biceps tendon rupture
• broken collarbone